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Public School Technology Allows Students to Succeed out of the Classroom


  What can we do to improve the public school operations for our children? This is a question that can receive a variety of answers, depending on who you ask. The answers to the question can differ because everyone has different perspectives about education and the quality of education that our children are receiving. Regardless of […]

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Software for Public Schools is About Improving the Next Generation


  Teaching children to learn is a difficult, but rewarding task. However, this task is so important to ensure that our children grow up and turn out as well-adjusted people. When teaching children to learn remember that they learn best when they are having fun; this aspect is especially important with school-aged children who have […]

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Is Your Public School District Using Cloud Software?


  One of the biggest challenges that many public schools face is having the necessary technology and equipment while maintaining their annual budget. There are new tools, equipment, and technology that are needed to educate students properly. Students need updated technology; this can put a strain on the school administrators who are responsible for finding […]

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New SkyPortal Technology – Integrating the Cloud with Workflow Processes

    While attending the GWAVACon EMEA Conference in October 2014, SkyCentral proudly released SkyPortal. SkyPortal is a first-of-its-kind self-service portal that integrates cloud computing with workflow processes. SkyCentral’s SkyPortal is specifically designed to remove the need for on premise IT solutions that require in-depth management and are incredibly costly. SkyPortal is fully customizable, and automates processes, which improve productivity […]

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Tips on Using Computer Technology in the Classroom


Currently more than half of U.S. public schools don’t have adequate wireless access. On top of that, many school districts don’t effectively utilize their existing computer technology. Back in the early 1990s there were many public school systems that still lacked basic computer technology. Today, over 97% of teachers have one or more computers in […]

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Gartner Notes Importance of Legacy Software During Initial Cloud Migration Stages

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  Before any small, mid-size, or large company, considers migrating its core software, files, and documents to the cloud, a strategy must be agreed upon by all stakeholders in the organization. Part of this process includes tracking the workflow as decisions are made about the order of migration. As such, it is not uncommon for companies to approach this […]

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In Case You Missed it: New SkyCentral Self-service IT Service Desk

  Back in April 2014 the SkyCentral team took advantage of a global conference in Budapest, Hungary to unveil the upcoming beta version of User IT Elevated, its cloud-based software solution suite. The first product in this line of cloud-based services is the self-service IT portal, SkyPortal. This solution, allows users to access an IT […]

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How Cloud Software Increases Productivity for School Districts

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The benefit of cloud software that gets school district administrators’ attention is its ability to increase productivity. In fact, many features of the software were made with large groups of employees in mind. One example of this is collaboration. With cloud software, teachers and administrators can share and even work on the same files together. In addition, they aren’t […]

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Business Operations: Simplify All Of Your Typical Workday Tasks, Especially Your Help Desk


The addition of “the cloud” has had an impact on basically every part of your business operations, including your Finance department, Human Resources department, Marketing department, your Customer Service/Customer Support department, and other critical departments in your business. There are various help desk software and customer relationship management vendors that provide cloud-based solutions.  Why Is The […]

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Press Release: Why SkyPortal Will Change the Way Your Company Uses the Cloud

Back in October, the SkyCentral team was in Berlin, Germany at the GWAVACon 2014 and introduced SkyPortal. SkyPortal powered by GroupLink, is a first-of-its-kind self-service portal that integrates cloud computing with workflow processes. SkyCentral’s SkyPortal removes the need for costly, on-premise IT solutions that require in-depth management. SkyPortal is fully customizable and automates processes, which improves […]

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