How to Minimize Risk from Community Use of K-12 School Facilities

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Communities benefit from having access to school facilities and resources. The schools often benefit, too. Various groups can host sporting events, promote recreation, and further education, while schools and school boards often generate revenue from these activities. Liability and risk management, however, is a major concern for administration staff. Thoughts of property damage and personal […]

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How Facilities and Event Scheduling Software Can Help School Administrators

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Making facilities available to the public and hosting events is important for schools and the communities they reside in. Community engagement breathes life into education. Schools can be top notch community partners by making their facilities, such as gyms, auditoriums, fields, and even classroom spaces, available to outside groups. Revenue generated from rentals can also […]

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Six K-12 Innovations – Recently Confirmed


These recent K-12 innovations are making a measurable difference in schools around the US. How are leaders in your district implementing these innovations? 1 – Thriving on Chaos (aka Flipped classroom) The concept of turning education upside down by giving students choices of what they want to learn and how they want to learn. Students […]

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Top 9 Ways K-12 Districts and Principals Unite a Community

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Several outstanding sources are referenced in this article. We highly recommend examining each LINKED source for clear insights and powerful “how to” examples. 1 – Promote Partnerships Between Schools, Families, and Communities. The Six Types of Partnerships Framework, developed by Joyce Epstein and her colleagues at Johns Hopkins University is a widely accepted summary of […]

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School Facility Costs Overbudget? Find Root Problem

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The popularity and often necessity of school facilities use by non-school entities is forcing many schools and districts to reconsider their facility budgeting methods. It may surprise some to know that many school facility costs are overbudget and lose money operating their facilities without a proper cost-recovery plan. Facility utilities, including lighting, heating, air-conditioning, and […]

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Facilities Set the Stage for Learning

Female High School Student Digital Tablet In Classroom

Taken from the article by Chris Matt Maintenance and engineering managers working for K-12 school districts and higher education institutions don’t teach classes. They don’t hold office hours, and they don’t coordinate after-school activities. But those facts do not minimize managers’ roles in helping organizations achieve educational goals. After all, how can you teach […]

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Technology Impacts Aging Facility Budgets


Facility Executive recently reported in their “Technology, Aging Facilities Impacting Education Facility Budgets” article a survey of over 400 K-12 and higher education facilities, maintenance, and operations professionals: For more than 60 percent of respondents, facility management budget and staffing levels have either increased or stayed the same over the last five years. Technology is a […]

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5 Tips To More Holistic K-12 Technology Planning

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Excerpts from a blog post by Steven Anderson, an ex-Director of Instructional Technology turned education technology author, speaker, and blogger: Typically the technology planning process can go wry in many ways: Lack of True Planning: Sometimes a rush to make things happen can cause the entire planning process to come off the rails. For whatever reason (funding […]

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K-12 Facilities Retrofit Funding


Photo by teoflio/Flickr Excerpts from a 6-part series on K-12 retrofits: Components and systems within school districts are often outdated and require the maintenance and operations directors challenges in projects that deliver both long-term performance and bottom-line benefits. “There is almost no project that we don’t scale back based on financial limitations,” says Bob Wilkinson, director of maintenance […]

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“WiFi in a Box” – A Cloud Solution for K-12

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An article by shares how WiFi is a necessity as more schools log on for learning and how cloud technology can help: Larry Padgett, Director of IT Infrastructure and Systems Support for the School District of Palm Beach County in Florida, says,“We believed then that every student would eventually have at least one, if […]

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