New SkyPortal Technology – Integrating the Cloud with Workflow Processes




While attending the GWAVACon EMEA Conference in October 2014, SkyCentral proudly released SkyPortal. SkyPortal is a first-of-its-kind self-service portal that integrates cloud computing with workflow processes.

SkyCentral’s SkyPortal is specifically designed to remove the need for on premise IT solutions that require in-depth management and are incredibly costly. SkyPortal is fully customizable, and automates processes, which improve productivity and enhance end user satisfaction. What’s more, SkyPortal is designed to solve Enterprise level solutions on a small business budget.

SkyPortal offers support by predefining approval chains and producing status reports for all IT requests. In addition, SkyPortal features out-of-the-box templates to model the most common IT approval processes. The product is uniquely designed to reduce support calls and permit technicians to focus more intelligently on critical workflow issues.

By establishing a systematic, consistent workflow process with SkyPortal, businesses can now prevent both software and hardware requests from getting lost, and subsequently meet end users’ needs more effectively. In addition, the cloud hosted nature of SkyPortal increases the security of employees’ private information. Furthermore, users can leverage Microsoft’s Active Directory with SkyPortal software.

For more information about SkyPortal, drop us a line here at SkyCentral. Or you can Request a free trial of the SkyPortal technology.

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