Tips on Using Computer Technology in the Classroom

computersCurrently more than half of U.S. public schools don’t have adequate wireless access. On top of that, many school districts don’t effectively utilize their existing computer technology. Back in the early 1990s there were many public school systems that still lacked basic computer technology. Today, over 97% of teachers have one or more computers in their classroom everyday.

A major difficulty that is now presented to schoolteachers and school district administrators is how to effectively utilize classroom time to enhance the computer learning experience. Below are three tips worth implementing that will improve the experience that children have in the classroom.

Using the Computer to Find Information

Often teachers take for granted the familiarity they have with a computer, especially in regard to finding answers to questions, finding educational videos, news stories, etc. Instead of merely presenting the information to students, teachers can enhance the learning experience by demonstrating how they themselves go about utilizing the Internet to find resources. This turns the experience from merely an information presentation, but to showing them how to find Internet-based information themselves.

Using the Computer for Quizzes

Cloud technology and simple cloud hosting services have made it easy for documents and test materials to be shared with multiple users. Teachers can and should take advantage of computers in the classroom and schools to have students take quizzes on topics such as math, reading, and science. Not only does it prepare them for a future of using technology, but it also provides them with digital device acuity and familiarity. Finally, it saves from printing on paper!

Using the Computer to Present

Today, teachers often still teach information using a chalkboard or whiteboard. While writing things down in front of a class has its place, using a PowerPoint presentation or equivalent, can greatly enhance the learning experience. Digital presentations can help students become more engaged in the material and visually learn topics they previously would have only been able to learn conceptually.

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