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Is Your Public School District Using Cloud Software?


  One of the biggest challenges that many public schools face is having the necessary technology and equipment while maintaining their annual budget. There are new tools, equipment, and technology that are needed to educate students properly. Students need updated technology; this can put a strain on the school administrators who are responsible for finding […]

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Gartner Notes Importance of Legacy Software During Initial Cloud Migration Stages

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  Before any small, mid-size, or large company, considers migrating its core software, files, and documents to the cloud, a strategy must be agreed upon by all stakeholders in the organization. Part of this process includes tracking the workflow as decisions are made about the order of migration. As such, it is not uncommon for companies to approach this […]

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How Cloud Software Increases Productivity for School Districts

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The benefit of cloud software that gets school district administrators’ attention is its ability to increase productivity. In fact, many features of the software were made with large groups of employees in mind. One example of this is collaboration. With cloud software, teachers and administrators can share and even work on the same files together. In addition, they aren’t […]

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Business Operations: Simplify All Of Your Typical Workday Tasks, Especially Your Help Desk


The addition of “the cloud” has had an impact on basically every part of your business operations, including your Finance department, Human Resources department, Marketing department, your Customer Service/Customer Support department, and other critical departments in your business. There are various help desk software and customer relationship management vendors that provide cloud-based solutions.  Why Is The […]

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Business Operations: Have You Joined The Race To The Cloud?


Many businesses have already moved to the cloud, are in the process of moving, are researching information everyday on cloud computing and cloud-based services. One of the top drivers of businesses switching their business operations to the cloud is the cost control. Many businesses see a big difference in the amount of savings they receive.  No matter […]

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What Are Your Concerns About Using Cloud Software?


Even as an increasing number of companies rely on cloud software for a variety of business operations, business owners might still express concerns over the use of cloud-based services. Some of the wariness might come from not knowing exactly what a cloud-based software is. For example, where do the data get stored? What’s the difference […]

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Four Service Desk Mistakes You Should Avoid


Your service desk is a key part of your business; it will ideally help your business operations run smoothly and ensure that you’re meeting your goals. However, a service desk will serve as an advantage only if it’s managed well and doesn’t have any critical flaws. If a service desk is inefficient and wasteful, you […]

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Business Operations: The Importance of Automation in 2015 and Beyond


  When it comes to business operations, companies want to improve productivity and lower costs. One of the best ways to do this is to rely on more automated processes. A recent article from Talkin’ Cloud predicts that businesses throughout 2015 will be looking for reliable, high-quality automation technologies. These kinds of technologies can bring […]

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Have An Effective And Productive Service Desk In 2015


It is a now a new year, and you have another 12 months to make improvements on your IT service desk. You should take this opportunity to sit down and review your service desk performance from 2014. One of your first action items should be to create a quantifiable plan that will allow your company to achieve measurable […]

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A Cloud of Software Success For Your Business


  Cloud Software is not just a data storage solution. It makes the entire work flow process more stream lined by encouraging productivity at a reduced cost. Here are some things you should know about the new and improved cloud. Mobile Working With the cloud, it is easier to access records, save data, communicate on […]

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