In Case You Missed it: New SkyCentral Self-service IT Service Desk


newspaper-38252_1280Back in April 2014 the SkyCentral team took advantage of a global conference in Budapest, Hungary to unveil the upcoming beta version of User IT Elevated, its cloud-based software solution suite. The first product in this line of cloud-based services is the self-service IT portal, SkyPortal. This solution, allows users to access an IT self-service portal from any device and from any location. In addition to SkyPortal, SkyCentral also announced the upcoming beta of SkyDiscovery, its cloud-based network discovery tool.

If you’re new to SkyCentral, more information can be found on our website regarding all of the User IT Elevated services we have deployed and continue to launch.

SkyCentral offers a cloud-based suite of services that are designed to elevate the user IT experience. The company’s goal is to provide optimized, cloud-based services to companies large and small. Its technology removes the need for an on premise solution that requires management and infrastructure, and can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars in hardware.

SkyCentral’s SkyPortal is a cloud-based self-service portal designed to lighten technicians’ workloads by automating requests and allowing end users to resolve issues themselves. This solution provides businesses with process support that is essential to end users and lower priority to support personnel.

Key Benefits of SkyPortal Include:

  • Reduced Support Calls
  • Increased Productivity by Allowing Technicians to Focus on Priority Issues
  • Streamlined and Automated Processes
  • Audit Trail with Reporting Capabilities
  • Improved End User Satisfaction

SkyDiscovery, powered by UVnetworks, is a discovery tool that identifies all network devices including printers, servers, switches, and more and provides detailed analysis of the network and connected devices, including network connection information, system information, and much more.

Some Key Benefits of SkyDiscovery Include:

  • Optimized Technician Time by Automating Processes
  • Simplified Network Management by Providing Visibility
  • Gathers all Physical and Virtual Device Details in One Place

With the emergence of mobile computing and the decentralization of users in a corporate setting, SkyCentral’s cloud-based solutions allows companies to remain on the cutting edge of technology, allowing users to access the service portal from any device, at any time, in any location. This is ideal for a modern work force that often works remotely, travels, or uses multiple devices.

SkyCentral and its suite of products focus on enhancing the user experience through hosted technology solutions that give users a single place to go for all of their technology needs. SkyCentral is powered by the GroupLink Corporation, which has over 15 years of experience in the technology industry.

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