School Athletics and Liability


Image: Mitch Loeber/Flickr Excerpts from an article by Dr. Edward F. Dragan Policies and Training of Coaching Staff are Key to Preventing Athletic Injury As expert witnesses, [Dr. Dragan and Education Management Consulting, LLC] have encountered many cases in which students suffered physical or emotional sports injuries during their involvement in school athletics. Examples include instances […]

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Facilities Set the Stage for Learning

Female High School Student Digital Tablet In Classroom

Taken from the article by Chris Matt Maintenance and engineering managers working for K-12 school districts and higher education institutions don’t teach classes. They don’t hold office hours, and they don’t coordinate after-school activities. But those facts do not minimize managers’ roles in helping organizations achieve educational goals. After all, how can you teach […]

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Technology Impacts Aging Facility Budgets


Facility Executive recently reported in their “Technology, Aging Facilities Impacting Education Facility Budgets” article a survey of over 400 K-12 and higher education facilities, maintenance, and operations professionals: For more than 60 percent of respondents, facility management budget and staffing levels have either increased or stayed the same over the last five years. Technology is a […]

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5 Tips To More Holistic K-12 Technology Planning

technology meeting

Excerpts from a blog post by Steven Anderson, an ex-Director of Instructional Technology turned education technology author, speaker, and blogger: Typically the technology planning process can go wry in many ways: Lack of True Planning: Sometimes a rush to make things happen can cause the entire planning process to come off the rails. For whatever reason (funding […]

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K-12 Facilities Retrofit Funding


Photo by teoflio/Flickr Excerpts from a 6-part series on K-12 retrofits: Components and systems within school districts are often outdated and require the maintenance and operations directors challenges in projects that deliver both long-term performance and bottom-line benefits. “There is almost no project that we don’t scale back based on financial limitations,” says Bob Wilkinson, director of maintenance […]

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“WiFi in a Box” – A Cloud Solution for K-12

old school network

An article by shares how WiFi is a necessity as more schools log on for learning and how cloud technology can help: Larry Padgett, Director of IT Infrastructure and Systems Support for the School District of Palm Beach County in Florida, says,“We believed then that every student would eventually have at least one, if […]

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Public School Technology Allows Students to Succeed out of the Classroom


  What can we do to improve the public school operations for our children? This is a question that can receive a variety of answers, depending on who you ask. The answers to the question can differ because everyone has different perspectives about education and the quality of education that our children are receiving. Regardless of […]

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Software for Public Schools is About Improving the Next Generation


  Teaching children to learn is a difficult, but rewarding task. However, this task is so important to ensure that our children grow up and turn out as well-adjusted people. When teaching children to learn remember that they learn best when they are having fun; this aspect is especially important with school-aged children who have […]

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Is Your Public School District Using Cloud Software?


  One of the biggest challenges that many public schools face is having the necessary technology and equipment while maintaining their annual budget. There are new tools, equipment, and technology that are needed to educate students properly. Students need updated technology; this can put a strain on the school administrators who are responsible for finding […]

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Implement the Perfect Service Desk for Your School


  For elementary, middle and high school classrooms, a cloud IT service desk can minimize and ease the rigorous daily IT requests from school, faculty, and staff. Utilizing a cloud IT service desk allows your IT specialist to quickly address the needs of your school, while simultaneously taking advantage of cloud services to manage a […]

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