Six K-12 Innovations – Recently Confirmed


These recent K-12 innovations are making a measurable difference in schools around the US. How are leaders in your district implementing these innovations? 1 – Thriving on Chaos (aka Flipped classroom) The concept of turning education upside down by giving students choices of what they want to learn and how they want to learn. Students […]

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Top 9 Ways K-12 Districts and Principals Unite a Community

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Several outstanding sources are referenced in this article. We highly recommend examining each LINKED source for clear insights and powerful “how to” examples. 1 – Promote Partnerships Between Schools, Families, and Communities. The Six Types of Partnerships Framework, developed by Joyce Epstein and her colleagues at Johns Hopkins University is a widely accepted summary of […]

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School Facility Costs Overbudget? Find Root Problem

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The popularity and often necessity of school facilities use by non-school entities is forcing many schools and districts to reconsider their facility budgeting methods. It may surprise some to know that many school facility costs are overbudget and lose money operating their facilities without a proper cost-recovery plan. Facility utilities, including lighting, heating, air-conditioning, and […]

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Top 5 Things You Need in Your School Policies and Prodecures

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A busy educational facility requires clearly stated policies and procedures to protect students and staff — and the organization itself. By outlining expectations and making quantifiable goals for your facility, you can be sure that all of the desired actions are taken and that you get the outcomes you want for your school. Educational facilities […]

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Big Picture Considerations When Building Your School Budget

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Public school funding is the most expensive item in most state budgets, receiving an average of more than 40 percent of state resources. To make the grade in an age of competitive and aggressive public education reform policies, it is more important than ever to ask whether possible new initiatives have been effective in improving […]

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School Athletics and Liability


Image: Mitch Loeber/Flickr Excerpts from an education-expert.com article by Dr. Edward F. Dragan Policies and Training of Coaching Staff are Key to Preventing Athletic Injury As expert witnesses, [Dr. Dragan and Education Management Consulting, LLC] have encountered many cases in which students suffered physical or emotional sports injuries during their involvement in school athletics. Examples include instances […]

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