Four Service Desk Mistakes You Should Avoid


Your service desk is a key part of your business; it will ideally help your business operations run smoothly and ensure that you’re meeting your goals.

However, a service desk will serve as an advantage only if it’s managed well and doesn’t have any critical flaws. If a service desk is inefficient and wasteful, you might as well not have one.

What service desk mistakes should you try to avoid? The following are four:

  1. Failing to keep track of service desk errors. If your service desk software or system produces error, are you aware of this? Do you know the source of the problem? You have to always monitor¬†your service desk’s performance to ensure that it’s meeting the needs of your business.
  2. Neglecting feedback. Your employees need to provide feedback about your service desk, which you can then incorporate into any changes you make to service desk operations.
  3. Numerous redundancies. It’s possible that you have multiple people working unnecessarily on the same request, leading to wasted resources. Employees might also submit the same request multiple times. Any superfluous activity means you’re wasting time and money.
  4. Poor communication. Miscommunication might exist between employees, leading to a lack of understanding about the problems and requests that require a swift response. Employees might not have a reliable or fully intelligible way of submitting a request. They might receive advice or instructions from the service desk that are unclear. The mounting delays and exasperating misunderstandings can slow down your business operations.

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