How Facilities and Event Scheduling Software Can Help School Administrators

Making facilities available to the public and hosting events is important for schools and the communities they reside in. Community engagement breathes life into education.

Schools can be top notch community partners by making their facilities, such as gyms, auditoriums, fields, and even classroom spaces, available to outside groups. Revenue generated from rentals can also make a big impact.

Most administrators want to work with community members and host events. But handling event scheduling and facility rental on top of their long list of duties can be time-consuming taking them away from their important educational responsibilities.

Add prioritizing requests from faculty and staff for school-related facility use and then it’s easy to see why some don’t make them available at all. Many administrators tasked with managing this must navigate issues such as double-booking and other scheduling liabilities.

What does it take to manage facilities scheduling?

Good facilities scheduling is calendaring events to maximize the availability to all interested parties, prioritizing requests, and communicating with stewards over the facilities.

A scheduling coordinator may typically use paper request forms, a physical calendar, and a lot of manual coordination to ensure facilities are properly reserved based on availability, prioritizing for internal or external use, and coordinating with building managers or custodians.

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Automating Facilities Scheduling

Facilities scheduling software automates much of the process by showing all of the facilities and equipment available in calendar form, at any site, at any given time and automatically communicates to stakeholders.

By knowing what spaces are available, how much they will bring in for revenue, and which groups are interested in using them, administrators can maximize what is available within the school balancing in-house needs with the benefits of outside revenue. The users of the space, whether part of the school community or an outside group, will have a better experience at every stage. From booking the space to billing and using it with the equipment and amenities required without any scheduling worries, the whole process happens within the program.


With online scheduling software, requests can be made anywhere, at any time, so events can be set up instantaneously without a 24/7 call center or constant email checking. This efficient use of time and resources frees up staff while making school facilities even more accessible.

With any business process, automation is ideal for efficiency. Scheduling software can lighten the burden of school administration, scheduling coordinators, and building managers. Save time, maximize resources, and make your school an inviting facility for the community.

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