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K-12 Administrators

Blackboard Added SkyCentral as a Facility & Equipment Scheduling “Plug-In”
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Are you a school or district administrator who’s at risk of losing sleep over liability risks from personal injury on school grounds and facilities?

SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine is an event and facilities reservations management solution that helps school districts manage all facilities reservations and facilities rentals to include maximum liability tracking and management.

With the SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine, you can:

Gain Maximum Liability Tracking When the Community Uses Your Facilities
Reduce Scheduling Conflicts
Govern Expenses and Revenue for Every Amenity

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Facility Reservation Coordinators

Facility Reservation Coordinators continually get bogged down managing reservation requests and changes to requests from faculty, staff, and the public. They gather and track vital information all while trying to maximize potential public rental revenue.

With the SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine, facility reservation coordinators can:

Maximize rental use and revenue
Reduce reservation communication errors
Provide an audit trail with advanced reporting
Improve the end user satisfaction
Reduce liability risk from public rentals

K-12 Technology -> Elevated

Faculty and Staff

When faculty and staff need to reserve a technical device or facilities like a gym, field, or classroom, it can sometimes take hours and oftentimes, requests completely fall through.

With the SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine, faculty and staff can:

Instantly Reserve Facilities Online
Reserve Technology Devices for Classrooms
Make Requests Anywhere, at Anytime
Avoid Conflicting/Double Booked Reservations

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