A Cloud-Hosted Service Desk Frees Up IT, Allowing More Innovation to Increase Revenue.

Service Desk

As a business owner, you’ve gone through a period of expansion with opening a new branch office while increasing the size of your outside sales force. To stay competitive you now are eyeing the purchase of new software and a build out of your servers to accommodate your needs.

Considering the on-premise build-out of servers, etc. ?

Unfortunately, you’ve reached a ‘wall’ in your planning as you look at the necessary capital expenditures for new hardware, not to mention the allocation of IT hours necessary to install new software across the on-premise network.

Save on infrastructure…

Surprisingly, it was your IT department that presented the most favorable option, one that could mean less IT involvement across all of the company’s departments.

Why would they suggest going to a cloud-hosting service? Wouldn’t that mean layoffs in the IT department?

For one thing, by implementing a cloud-hosted Service Desk accessible by everyone via desktop or smart devices, it would immediately free up ITs time to offer more ideas on how to grow the business: more time to develop custom apps, for example, and less time installing software upgrades.

The HelpDesk solution…

Using a hosted solution for a company’s help desk not only helps re-allocate resources, but also reduces costs and boosts the productivity of IT workers.

A portal offering the HelpDesk platform generally is able to increase overall Uptime by the use of redundant servers. What’s more, data is not residing on on a company’s internal servers; the latter opens up numerous scenarios that can compromise unsecure files and documents.

By migrating such services to the cloud, the web IT platform is instantly accessible via numerous browsers, including Google Chrome (™), Firefox ® and Safari ® to name just a few.

Discover how you can move your service desk to that next level of efficiency, one that can help your bottom line; contact us today.


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