Press Release: Why SkyPortal Will Change the Way Your Company Uses the Cloud


Back in October, the SkyCentral team was in Berlin, Germany at the GWAVACon 2014 and introduced SkyPortal. SkyPortal powered by GroupLink, is a first-of-its-kind self-service portal that integrates cloud computing with workflow processes.

SkyCentral’s SkyPortal removes the need for costly, on-premise IT solutions that require in-depth management. SkyPortal is fully customizable and automates processes, which improves productivity and enhances end user satisfaction. SkyPortal is designed to solve enterprise level solutions on a mid-sized business budget.

SkyPortal provides business process support that allows organizations to leverage their investment in Microsoft’s Active Directory and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). It includes verified password reset in the cloud, as well as automated hardware and software requests. In addition, SkyPortal features out-of-the-box templates to model the most common IT approval processes.

 “SkyPortal is an innovative solution. IT self-service products have historically been very difficult to deploy and manage. The cloud delivered model of SkyCentral enables organizations of all size to easily get up and running and realize a quick return on investment,”  – Dwain Kinghorn, partner at Sage Creek Partners.

By establishing a systematic, consistent workflow process with SkyPortal, businesses can prevent both software and hardware requests from getting lost and subsequently meet end users’ needs more effectively. In addition, the cloud hosted nature of SkyPortal increases the security of employees’ private information.

Individuals and organizations attending the GWAVACon Conference in Berlin, Germany October 14-15, 2014 will have the

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