What Google Had to Say About Cloud Software



Since its inception, there’s has been a lot of excitement and hype surrounding cloud software. Most businesses see cloud services as a way of improving their business operations while saving money at the same time.

Yet despite all the anticipation that has surrounded the cloud, it just received its biggest endorsement. Just a few weeks ago, Google acknowledged the phenomenon that is cloud computing.

Barak Regev, Google’s cloud chief for Europe, the Middle East and Africa recently talked about the cloud in a recent Bloomberg article. According to Regev, we’ve only seen the beginning of cloud migration.

“The adoption curve is extremely accelerating and we’re seeing it coming from a variety of companies. [Cloud is] bigger than any market out there if you think about the potential for adoption — even bigger than the advertising market.”

The cloud’s versatility and potential make it an attractive solution for large corporations and governments. Small businesses and startups, on the other hand, don’t have to wait any longer to take advantage of the cloud.

Many small businesses have already migrated to the cloud for various reasons. Apart from cost-savings, convenience is usually the common denominator in businesses’ decisions.

Cloud services ultimately save businesses time. This is initially seen on a small-scale among individual employees which then extends to the whole company.

With cloud software, employees can carry out their tasks more efficiently. They can store all of their data and files in the cloud and access them from remote location. For this reason, cloud services are an ideal solution for businesses seeking to pursue mobile operations.

According to Google, the cloud has just begun in terms of its expansion. In a few years, we’ll see businesses and organizations of all kinds migrate to the cloud to increase productivity and save time and money.

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