Have An Effective And Productive Service Desk In 2015


It is a now a new year, and you have another 12 months to make improvements on your IT service desk. You should take this opportunity to sit down and review your service desk performance from 2014. One of your first action items should be to create a quantifiable plan that will allow your company to achieve measurable success in managing your IT service desk for the new year.

Ask The End-User About Your Performance

One of the best and easiest ways to find out where you need to improve is to ask your customers about all of the services that you are providing. Ask your customers about the areas that need improvements and what areas are they are satisfied with.

Don’t make excuses as to why you do not need to get input from your customers. Your customers are the ones who call on your service desk department when they are having issues. You could use a simple survey in order to get a snapshot of your service desk department and how customers view the customer service that you provide.

You can choose to offer a survey or checklist after each incident from customers or you can choose to do a survey at a specific point in the year. Your surveys should be a method that allows you to measure your performance, productivity, and effectiveness.


If you choose to take a different route, you can choose to let a third-party handle your service desk needs. By outsourcing your service desk to the cloud, you will allow professionals to handle your IT and service desk needs. You will not have to deal with the burden of managing your service desk and managing the customer service aspect of it. When customers call into the service desk, you will know that they will get the best possible service because they will be speaking with professionals with experience.

You may decide now or later or what steps yo want to take in order to have an effective service desk in 2015. Whenever and whatever you decide, we are around to help you. Contact us if you need additional information on what can be done to improve your service desk.

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