Have You Sent Your Service Desk Into The Clouds Yet?

Service Desk


The addition of new technology and the increased usage of equipment has several IT teams and IT departments feeling the pressure. A company’s IT department has a significant part in either the success or failure of a business. Since there is an increase in equipment and the use of technology, several customers may have problems getting adjusted to the technology.

When customers have problems, they submit tickets to the IT department. With the number of help desk tickets submitted, your IT departments may be faced with downtime and low response times to other issues. With a low response time, your customer service may take a negative hit. So, how can your service desk keep up with all of the changes and give your customers everything they look for when it comes to customer service? 

You can give your service desk a boost by sending it to the cloud. Cloud computing is becoming one of the new norms for businesses of every size to improve their business operations and make them more organized. In the beginning, cloud computing was used as a method to increase the productivity and efficiency in the office. Lately, cloud computing has been used as an effective method for customer service.

A cloud-based service desk has a home on someone else’s server, instead of being stored in-house. You do not have to be on a particular machine or in a specific location to access the service desk. When a service desk is stored in the cloud, the service desk can be accessed from any location that employees are in.

Having a service desk in the cloud can not only provide proactive IT support, but it can also be a gateway for better connections and collaborations. Social media with a cloud service desk can help create a nice collaboration. People are familiar with social media. With your service desk being accessed through the Internet, people of all social media platforms will be able to connect with each other in regards to communicating with the IT department team.  

There are numerous reasons why companies are choosing to send their service desk up into the cloud. If you are considering a cloud service desk, contact us to discuss solutions that can meet the needs of your business.

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