Technology Impacts Aging Facility Budgets


Facility Executive recently reported in their “Technology, Aging Facilities Impacting Education Facility Budgets” article a survey of over 400 K-12 and higher education facilities, maintenance, and operations professionals:

For more than 60 percent of respondents, facility management budget and staffing levels have either increased or stayed the same over the last five years. Technology is a key driver in this change. From iPads to smart boards, 91 percent of higher education respondents and 78 percent of K-12 respondents said technology is likely to impact classroom redesigns over the next year, affecting both the facilities and technology departments.

The study revealed that, on average, maintenance and operations budgets make up 10 percent of schools’ overall budgets and 38 percent of budgets have increased over the last five years for both higher education and K-12. Another finding showed the average age of education facilities employees is 45 years old with a median tenure of 10 years for higher education and 12.5 years for K-12.


“What is the likelihood your school will consider redesigning classrooms in the near future to account for new technology coming into classrooms today?”

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