SkyCentral Announces Partnership with Blackboard

Integration Streamlines Access to SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine from Blackboard Web Community Manager

Salt Lake City, UT – April 20, 2017 – SkyCentral, a U.S. based Utah corporation, announced the integration between Blackboard Web Community Manager and SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine, a cloud-based Facilities Reservations, Rentals & Liability Management solution for districts, schools and campuses. Blackboard Web Community Manager users are now able to access SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine from their school or district website through single sign-on access, creating a seamless workflow between the two platforms.

SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine is an event and facilities/equipment reservations management solution that helps school districts and individual schools manage all facilities reservations and facilities rentals to include maximum liability tracking and management. The solution also includes the ability to match equipment reservations with the facility being reserved, and is uniquely designed for K-12 districts and schools by:

  • Integrating with most popular calendars used by Districts and Schools
  • Providing an electronic reservation form for facilities/equipment rentals requests, with
  • Approval Workflow

“We are thrilled that SkyCentral has been invited to join Blackboard’s partner community. Districts seek solutions for increased community engagement and to generate revenue thru facilities rentals,” said Dave Turner, CEO and Founder of SkyCentral. “The SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine is unique as a solution to address those District priorities.”

“SkyCentral’s cloud-based solution allows K-12 organizations to stay up to date with technology, allowing users to access the solution from any device, at any time, in any location,” said Lon Price, Vice President of K-12 Success at SkyCentral. “This is ideal for school personnel and community members that often work remotely, travel, or use multiple devices.”

Blackboard Web Community Manager provides K-12 schools and districts with a robust content management system to build and maintain websites for connecting with parents and community members. The solution builds the online presence school districts need to stand out to the communities they serve. It allows parents to play a more active role in their child’s success with a dashboard full of personalized student data, and it gives community members the chance to engage with the district by checking out news and upcoming events on a modern website.

“We are pleased to welcome SkyCentral to Blackboard’s community of partners,” said Kathleen Vieira, Vice President of Partner and Portfolio Management at Blackboard. “The integration between SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine and Blackboard Web Community Manager enables users to focus on the task at hand rather than remembering another password or login URL, ultimately improving efficiency and increasing productivity.”

The SkyCentral integration is now available for all Blackboard Web Community Manager clients. More information about this integration can be found at

About SkyCentral Corporation

SkyCentral is powered by GroupLink Corporation, with over 15 years of experience in K-12, Higher Education and Government technology solutions. GroupLink Corporation services over 1,000 enterprise customers and 4,000 worldwide implementations from its US headquarters in Bountiful, Utah. Whether deployed for education, public, or commercial organizations, GroupLink’s world class, best-practices Help Desk, CRM, and MDM software solutions feature key integration with Microsoft, Linux, and Apple/Mac environments and help customers automate and add intelligence to business processes, enhance productivity, and lower total cost of ownership.
Media Contact:

Joe Nemrow
SkyCentral Corporation
(801) 335-0713

SkyCentral is a trademark of SkyCentral Corporation. GroupLink is a registered trademark of GroupLink Corporation. Blackboard and Web Community Manager are registered trademarks of Blackboard Inc.

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