What Are Your Concerns About Using Cloud Software?


Even as an increasing number of companies rely on cloud software for a variety of business operations, business owners might still express concerns over the use of cloud-based services.

Some of the wariness might come from not knowing exactly what a cloud-based software is. For example, where do the data get stored? What’s the difference between the cloud software and one locally hosted on the company’s own servers?

However, even with a greater understanding of cloud software, there are still concerns.

Data security

A recent article from Information Week discusses the release of the Eurostat report and its insights into cloud software usage across countries in Europe. Although the report focuses on European countries, the concerns raised about cloud services generally apply to other parts of the world, including the US.

One of the chief concerns involves data security. What protections do cloud service providers have in place to prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attackers? People express uncertainty about the security of data handled or stored using cloud-based solutions. While these security concerns are legitimate, they aren’t limited to the cloud; and with reputable service providers, you decrease your chances of having your data compromised.

Other concerns

Companies might not know how to switch to cloud-based solutions seamlessly. They might fear experiencing an intolerable amount of downtime, a loss of data, or other disruptions in business operations. After the transition to the cloud, they might worry about how the cloud software will integrate with other components of their IT configuration.

Furthermore, companies aren’t always sure if the transition to cloud software is worth it. How much money will it save them? How much will it increase their productivity and efficiency?

All of these are legitimate concerns. It’s important then to discuss these questions with a cloud services provider. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about the powerful, high-quality service desk software we offer, and discuss whether it’s the right cloud-based solution for your company.

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