Increase security and productivity with cloud-based service desk software

A recent article in Midsize Insider states that, with the growth of cloud computing, the cloud security market is growing as well. Set to grow by 15 percent each year and to be worth $8.71 billion by 2019, the cloud security market includes a number of things including data loss prevention, web security, email security, network security, and more.

As more businesses turn to the cloud, the article stated, the priorities for the security market include access management, network controls and identity management. The good news in such a thriving market is that most security dilemmas and data breeches can be resolved or avoided with the right software.

SkyCentral offers a cloud-based suite of services aimed to provide enterprise level solutions for midsize budgets. The first software we released — the SkyPortal — is software service desk designed to automate processes to fulfill the most common user requests.

With the cloud hosted self service portal, you can increase the security of your private data with predefined approval chains and automated verified password reset. Additionally, the software allows you to regain the productivity that is lost by employees waiting for passwords, hardware requests, software requests, and other common service desk tasks. SkyCentral‘s SkyPortal enables you to establish a systemic work flow process, know who is working on critical work tickets, keep track of work orders, and meet audit regulations more effectively. Further, it frees up your IT staff to work on serious issues — such as security — instead of getting tangled up in the day-to-day issues that most users could resolve on their own with the self service desk.

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